PET-MIL, the company producing springs and other wire products, has been present for over twenty years on both domestic and international market, symbolizing quality, reliability and supreme manufacture.

Situated in the village of Brežđe near Mionica, the company has had stability and sustainable development as its basic business postulates since its foundation.

Its wide range of products, a large number of partners and customers, keeping up with the latest technological processes and finding solutions to every demand of yours are a guarantee that PET-MIL can be your reliable partner as well.


Convinced that well-planned action influences the future of our Company, bearing in mind mutual interests of the Company owner and its employees, we will devote special attention to the demands of both the users of our products and other interested parties.

Our mission is to produce springs by using specialised equipment and reach a high position in that field.

"PET-MIL" builds its business success primarily on high-quality products, but also on establishing partner relationships with its customers and suppliers, which is our vision.

The aims and objectives of both the management and all the employees are:

  • survival, development, efficiency and flexibility
  • development and delivery of our products within the agreed terms, meeting customers’ demands and expectations, compliance with
  • legal regulations and standard requirements
  • work process optimisation with the aim of reducing production time and costs, and using all the Company resources in the best possible way
  • constant investment in technical and technological development and improvement
  • meeting environmental requirements
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of integrated management systems

The above mentioned aims will be achieved by applying modern methods and techniques integrally, in the whole Company, at all levels of work and management, principally by preventive actions, i.e. by complete implementation of integrated management systems.

The Company owner is responsible for the implementation and revision of the Policy and Aims of Integrated Management Systems.

18th July 2023

Company Owner
Milan Urošević

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